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Wrestling with Amazon

While Amazon may harness the potential for putting your data in the cloud, they lack one crucial element to the server virtualization puzzle, “data management.”

Think of Amazon’s server virtualization as an engine, metals and hoses. Then picture your data as the fluid that runs through the engine. So what mobilizes this raw piece of machinery? Engineers.

The actual benefits of remote data exists somewhere between cost efficiency and reliability because the reality is, data is difficult to manage in the cloud. Consider software updates, routine backups and routine server maintenance. Without adequate data management, the prospect of remote data storage appears not so benign.

To be or not to be in the cloud? Turn to an cloud hosting provider to try on a fully managed, dedicated workgroup server environment. Emerging services like Cloudvara provide 24×7 technical support and real, cost effective solutions to bring you and your business up to speed in the 21st century.