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Customer Testimonials

Cloudvara has over 1,000 clients worldwide!

Size: 100 Employees Type: CPA Firm
Cloudvara’s responsiveness and knowledge of technical support is excellent. I couldn't be happier with their services and would recommend them to other businesses without hesitation.
John Burke
John Burke / President, BA Inc.
Size: 4 Employees Type: Qualified Intermediary
We decided to make the move to Cloudvara. I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless the transition was and how prompt the service has been. If I have an issue (which is rare), I know I can contact them 24/7 and an experienced technician will immediately address the issue. It is reassuring to know that we are backed by a prompt, professional and knowledgeable support team!
Ron Raitz
Ron Raitz / CEO, Atlanta Deferred Exchange
Size: 50 Employees Type: Product Manufacturing
We at Mundial Inc. have been a client of Cloudvara since 2019 and are extremely satisfied with the awesome service provided. They host our QuickBooks Enterprise and some other custom-made applications. Their customer service is second to none, with immediate response. Downtime is zero. Since we’ve moved from an in-house server to Cloudvara, our productivity, costs and user’s satisfaction improved dramatically.
Luiz Schmidt
Luiz Schmidt / Sales Manager, Mundial Inc.
Size: 25 Employees Type: Accounting Firm
I have been using the cloud hosting services of Cloudvara since it’s inception.  Cloudvara is a great company to work with, their technical support team is responsive and very savvy.  I would recommend them to anyone looking at cloud hosting - you won’t go wrong.
Syd Highley
Syd Highley / President, Daily Balance
Size: 15 Employees Type: Telecommunications
Cloudvara provided the means for us retain our accounting software (Sage 50) on a secure, off-site Windows server without having to worry about updates, security, hardware purchases, or internal infrastructure. Their customer service is second-to-none, with immediate response times via online chat, friendly technical support reps, and individual customer care aimed at solving any issue in a timely manner. Cloudvara has been our trusted business partner for almost a decade now, and we're so glad to have found their service to match our needs perfectly.
David Greer
David Greer / President, Outfitter Satellite
Size: 5 Employees Type: Food and Beverage
We have enjoyed our association with Cloudvara for the past 9 years. They are quick to respond anytime we need their advise or expertise. We have found them easy to work with and very efficient at resolving problems. I feel very comfortable trusting them with all of our data and know they have constantly backed up all of our information securely. I strongly recommend them to any company needing Cloud services.
Steven Soldinger
Steven Soldinger / CEO, The Crispery of Virginia
Size: 3 Employees Type: Tax Planning Services
We have partnered with Cloudvara since December of 2020. They have been instrumental in helping us grow our small business of three members as they make it very user friendly. Their blended programs within CCH Access helps improve efficiency and productivity in our firm. They are attentive when we call and quick to troubleshoot if issues arise.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee / Principal, Christopher A. Lee CPA PLLC