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I have been using the cloud hosting services of Cloudvara since it’s inception.  Cloudvara is a great company to work with, their technical support team is responsive and very savvy.  I would recommend them to anyone looking at cloud hosting - you won’t go wrong.
Syd Highley
Syd Highley / CPA, GreenLabs
We decided to make the move to Cloudvara. I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless the transition was and how prompt the service has been. If I have an issue (which is rare), I know I can contact them 24/7 and an experienced technician will immediately address the issue. It is reassuring to know that we are backed by a prompt, professional and knowledgeable support team!
Ron Raitz
Ron Raitz / CEO,
Our firm was one of the first clients of Cloudvara. Cloudvara has a very professional IT staff which is always ready to help with any issues that arise.
Thomas Bales
Thomas Bales / CPA,
Cloudvara’s responsiveness and knowledge of technical support is excellent. I couldn't be happier with their services and would recommend them to other businesses without hesitation.
John Burke
John Burke / CPA,
When I have IT issues I can “chat” with Cloudvara Tech support through their website 24/7 and usually have the issue resolved quickly. We just finished our second tax season and we did more production and worked less hours than the last several years which I attribute mostly to the improvement in our IT.
Robert Borish
Robert Borish / CPA,
KNKBS has had used the Cloudvara hosted services for since 2012. We have found them to be very responsive to our requests and the servers are up 24/7. Using these hosted servers in the cloud have made our data sharing and access from anywhere a must for most small to medium sized businesses. Cloudvara makes it easy and affordable.
Kathleen Fernan
Kathleen Fernan / QB Pro Advisor,