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QuickBooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks Pro has been hosted by Cloudvara’s cloud-based servers since 2012, providing real-time, 24/7 access to companies using QuickBooks Pro. As a slight step up from QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro has several new features that blend well with Cloudvara’s off-site servers and remote-access selling points.

Thanks to efficiency upgrades, QuickBooks Pro can save your business up to 15 hours a month with basic accounting tasks. Here are some basic product features that QuickBooks Pro provides:

QuickBooks Pro Hosting Features

Our cloud-based servers grant them instantaneous access to their data from anywhere in the world, and reduce their IT overheads significantly. We also optimize their information to be accessed from any device of their choice. Alongside this, Cloudvara offers multiple security add-ons to keep your information safe 24/7, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Importing & Exporting Books to Excel

Our compatibility with Microsoft Excel makes it super simple to export a finished report to Excel or import information from an excel spreadsheet into your QuickBooks Pro interface. This information is then secured in our cloud servers.

New Tabs & Toolbars Allow Better Organization

Adding new tabs, including Banking, Vendors, and Customers, allows you to organize your finances in a much more cognizant and navigable way. Our Workflow processes allow you to see how your money flows from vendors to customers to your bank account and back again.

Additionally, your left-hand toolbar is fully customizable, allowing easy access to the processes you use most, including new, easy-to-read layouts for Invoices, Estimates, and Sales Receipts.

All of Your Information in One Place

Gone are the days of having your information spread across folders and files and generally being a jumbled mess. Cloudvara’s servers allow you to implement organizational policies within QuickBooks Pro that are then replicated instantly onto your cloud server, which is then accessible from anywhere in the world.

Take Your Books With You, Wherever You Go

One of the main benefits of cloud-based storage is that it’s always there. Rather than having a physical server room taking up office space, power bill money, IT department salaries, etc. Cloud-based servers like those hosted by Cloudvara allow you to take your QuickBooks information on the road.

Our servers are accessible from anywhere, and with mobile device integration, you can even view and work on your finances on any device you choose. While this may scale down your view of your work, the integrity of it won’t change our security protocols will work regardless of the device you’re working from.

Pro Security for QuickBooks Pro Customers

Storing your financial information in the cloud could be seen as a risky move. Fortunately, our state-of-the-art firewall, anti-virus detection, anti-hacking technology, and 99.999% uptime should assure you that Cloudvara’s cloud-based storage solution is the way for QuickBooks Pro customers.

Backing up that technology is the seasoned, well-versed professional support staff who work for us. If you have a problem with your files or are experiencing errors in situ, reach out, and one of our staff will be on hand to help ASAP.

To further protect your information, Cloudvara implements a nightly backup policy with all of our clients and keeps a 30-day rolling backup of your information. We also provide optional two-factor authentication, Intellectual Property Digital Asset Management (IP DAM), and Business Disaster Recovery, allowing you to safeguard and recover your lost data.

A Company Snapshot in the Cloud

Have you ever wanted to check how your company is doing this week? Or how much did that new deal change your profit margins, but you couldn’t access the data until you were back in the office? Using QuickBooks Pro’s “Company Snapshot” and Cloudvara’s cloud-based hosting, you can now view your Company’s financial information when you’re out of the office.

Simply log in from your chosen device and click “Company Snapshot” to view your company’s business and other pertinent financial information in real-time.

Online Banking Integration

One of the main advances made by QuickBooks Pro is the full integration of online banking that’s so commonplace today, making business transactions easier and faster.


We understand that you need some additional support for your QuickBooks software. For this reason, we’ve expanded our add-ons on a per-user basis to include security and recovery options that are perfectly priced to provide maximum benefits for a low cost.

2 Factor Authentication

2FAs are common practice among businesses, particularly in their 
most sensitive areas like banking. For $10/month, you can provide your QuickBooks Accounting Software with an extra layer of security on the remote desktop connection.


IP Dynamic Access Management is a great feature for workgroups accessing the server from predictable office or home locations. This will restrict server access for only those IP addresses that are whitelisted. 
For $6/user/month, we offer IP DAM to keep your server access limited to specified locations.

Business Disaster Recovery

Anyone who’s ever experienced server downtime to a catastrophic event without datacenter redundancy knows how important it can be to have a failover system. Our Business Disaster Recovery service for $99.00/month guarantees 99.999% uptime for your server and its data. This will allow you to restore operations in the unlikely event of unscheduled server downtime or datacenter failure.

Additional Storage

For those with larger companies that may require extra space for their financial software, we offer additional storage for $.50/GB/month. We also offer a volume discount for those who purchase over 250GB/month.

15-Day Trial

We welcome all new clients with a 15-day free trial to see if Cloudvara is the Quickbooks Hosting cloud solution your accounting team has been salivating for. Our customizable plans can be changed anytime to suit your changing business landscape.

Why Host QuickBooks With Cloudvara?

QuickBooks is incredibly useful for any accountant, but an online, cloud-based hosting service makes the most sense for any business. Cloudvara provides a flexible, user-based hosting plan that’s perfectly customizable for your business, regardless of size.

Storing your financial information with confidence off-site will help you avoid all the anguish of what to do in a catastrophe. Having your QuickBooks information accessible from anywhere, across multiple devices simultaneously, will give your accounting team the flexibility to work from anywhere, decreasing your overall costs.

Cloudvara’s cloud-based software will further reduce your IT costs, and our promise of a 99.999% uptime will mean your QuickBooks software is ready for you to use whenever and wherever your deals are completed.

Compatibility Across QuickBooks’ Entire Product Suite

QuickBooks has created more than a dozen programs designed to work for different business models. While QuickBooks offers management and online-based storage via QuickBooks Online, this online version only works by logging into a web browser. Your QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise, and Premier are incompatible with QuickBooks Online. If you try to run both simultaneously or use the Books across both platforms, you’ll quickly run into problems.

Cloudvara offers hosting for each QuickBooks product and is cross-compatible if you’re a large company with subsidiary businesses under your umbrella. This cross-compatible offering sets Cloudvara hosting apart from its competitors.

Even if you’re using QuickBooks on a desktop, you can still access all the benefits of a cloud-based system with Cloudvara. Rather than saving your files directly to your desktop, saving them to the cloud will ensure they’re safe from harm.

Dedicated Cloud-Based Servers Save Time & Money

One of the most common problems with physical servers operated by a business is that they represent a single point of failure. The computing strain on a server being accessed by multiple computers to run the same task – as might be the case with your accounting division is enormous. With Cloudvara, we replace that server with a cloud-based operation, reducing your wait times for booting, updating files, and such near-instantly.
It also reduces your power bill and square-footage requirements
for your business.

With Cloudvara, taking your entire accounting operation
online may be possible. Thanks to our mobile applications
being compatible with QuickBooks, we make it possible for your accounting team to operate at home or wherever they may be. Communication is seamless, and as they’re running on a cloud-based server, delays in on-screen updates are negligible.

Not only does Cloudvara eliminate the Single Point of Failure by being in the cloud, but our pre-existing security protocols and additional security options like Two-Factor Authentication also provide comprehensive security for all of your information,
all the time.

Support for QuickBooks Applications

Alongside our support for QuickBooks’ dedicated software, Cloudvara provides additional support for many QuickBooks applications your business may already use.

Cloudvara Moves With Your Business

Your business can be more flexible with Cloudvara. Our pricing plans are completely customizable to your business needs. They can be changed anytime, giving you the flexibility to make the necessary changes to your business without worrying about how your QuickBooks Software will need to be modified.

Round The Clock Support

We understand that not every business runs 9-to-5, and we’ve modified our support offerings to ensure you’re covered, no matter the time. With our 99.999% uptime guarantee, our friendly and competent support staff are freshly trained with each new QuickBooks (and other application) release to ensure they’re ready to provide you with the best support and quickest fix possible.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting FAQs

Does QuickBooks Work For Multiple Users Simultaneously?

As long as your QuickBooks licensing allows for “multi-user access” I.e. Multi-user license – you and your workgroup will be able to work in the company file at the same time.

Will QuickBooks Work as it Does on my Desktop?

Cloudvara will install your exact version of QuickBooks Desktop on the server, therefore all the functionality will remain intact. You will be using the same version of QBD that you are licensed for.

How Much Does QuickBooks Hosting Cost?

Hosting for QuickBooks is dependent a few factors including the number of end users, the version of QuickBooks Desktop, number of integrated apps, storage requirements etc. The average cost is approximately $44/user/mo.

Will QuickBooks Work Across all my Devices?

When hosting QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server, QuickBooks along with your company files will reside on the server. Therefore, all end users must be logged onto the server to work on the QuickBooks files. You may, however, access the server from any device (PC, Mac, tablet etc.)