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Understand How QuickBooks in the Cloud Will Help Your Business Grow

Cloud computingWhen QuickBooks desktop becomes an indispensable part of your business, you will likely wonder if and how QuickBooks can operate on a network server for multiple user access. With the main reason being that productivity is slowed when not all users are able to concurrently access files. A quick survey of your business infrastructure will indicate the need for a more scalable, accessible, and cost effective solution.

One reason to consider a fully managed cloud hosting solution is that your business can instantly solve the aforementioned problems by migrating your data, safely and quickly to a virtual platform, such as a dedicated server with an accredited provider. With in-house servers costing nearly five times as much as a web-based alternative, CPA firms, accountants and small-medium sized businesses all agree that QuickBooks in the Cloud is the way to go, and the way to grow.

With zero upfront costs and fast integration, QuickBooks in the Cloud can get your business working simultaneously in a virtual dedicated server platform. Unlike Saas (Software-as-a-service) or “on-demand-software,” you won’t need to renew or subscribe, significantly reducing the costs and headaches. Cloudvara is the simple solution to host and manage the software that you already own, in an affordable, scalable, and reliable package.

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