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Server Setup Tutorial

This blog post addresses a common question regarding how a virtual cloud desktop environment is accessed from any internet connection from any location. We have made cloud server access simple and very user-friendly – it is as easy as 1,2,3! Watch our video or see the steps outlined below:

Step 1:

Check your Email for Server Details (if you did not receive server details or you wish to get a demo please contact us here)

At the bottom of the email should be a downloadable RDP connector.

Step 2:

Save the RDP connector to your Local Desktop.

Step 3:

Click they RDP connector. Once you arrive at the portal please enter your server details provided in your email.

That’s it!

Our Virtual Cloud Desktops support hosting of all popular the “mission critical” applications including QuickBooks™, PeachTree, ACT, MS Office, Goldmine, ProSeries Tax, Lacerte Tax, Drake Tax and any other applications that may be required to support your operations.