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Security Recommendations

Security is our #1 priority. On this page you'll find general ongoing cyber security tactics + real time alerts.


Make your passwords complex and change every 6 months

Cyber security experts all agree that making passwords complex and changing them often is a reliable safeguard and risk mitigation technique.

Email Filtering

Ask your email hosting provider if they offer "Advanced Email Filtering"

If you are opening emails on your remote desktop, we highly recommend employing advanced email filtering. This can filter suspicious emails before they ever hit your inbox. Ask your email hosting provider if they offer this service.

Manual Backups

Additional redundancy for your most critical data files

This is a free and effective method of safeguarding your most essential data files. Since redundancy is key, we do recommend manually moving a backup of your most critical data files to your local environment every so often.


If you are unsure of how to perform this task on your own, let us know and we will be happy to provide instruction. 

Awareness + Education

Raising cyber security awareness amongst your workgroup

Educating your staff/workgroup on cyber security fundamentals, such as identifying suspicious emails/messages, sign on best practices, passwords, etc are paramount to a secure foundation.


Two factor authentication (aka MFA)

This is a hugely valuable security tactic that requires each end user to be tethered to a secondary access point, such as a cell phone or email address. The IRS recommends this feature.


Cloudvara offers this as an add-on service.

Business Disaster Recovery

Aka "Site Recovery" or "Disk Replication Recovery Service"

This service replicates your disk(s) to an offsite datacenter for effectively zero downtime.


Cloudvara offers this as an add-on service.

Advanced AV Monitoring

Antivirus software and malware monitoring can be effective tools

While these services can be expensive and CPU intensive, they can be valuable pieces in a comprehensive cyber security strategy.