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Sage 100C Accounting Software


Sage 100C is accounting software for small and medium size firms or businesses. It was formally known as Peachtree, offers best accounting software and business management software in desktop and online version with various features with a cloud-enabled solution especially for small business, medium business. Sage 100C accounting software is highly customized and robust that covers all the business related solution for their customers.

Sage 100C accounting software is more than that accounting and it is a complete solution for small and medium companies that need to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight and maximize profits throughout your product lifecycle.

Improve your business management health with sage 100C accounting software

• Manage more than just accounting
• Unite your entire business to work more collaboratively and meet customer expectations
• Stay in compliance
• Choose among deployment options and add-on solutions to meet your unique business needs
• Reduce reliance on error-prone spreadsheets to run your business
• Customize your business intelligence reports and dashboard
• Get started quickly with easy-to-learn features and navigation

Categorical Features of Sage 100C Accounting Software 

Financial Management:
Streamline invoicing and bill collection
Eliminate accounting errors and reduce double entry
Ensure tax and accounting compliance
Improve budget planning
Accommodate changes and growth in your business
Improve inventory and tracking with Sage Fixed Assets

Inventory and Distribution Management
• Simply manage bills of material when work orders change
• Track work-in-progress in real time
• Automate purchasing and controls based on production
• More accurately forecast inventory

Manufacturing management
• Take control of and report on the entire manufacturing process
• Adapt to dynamic, real world changes
• Break down those walls
• Keep a close watch on supply and demand
• See cost overruns and what’s best for profits
• Dynamically manages complex jobs Ensure on time delivery
• Understand supply and demands for jobs
• Synchronize data across disparate systems
• Delight customers and foster their loyalty
• Quickly convert quotes to production jobs
• Know your costs at all times
• Ensure quote-to-production timelines and accuracy

Some special Sage 100C Accounting Software Manufacturing features

With Sage 100c Manufacturing, you’ll have an automated workhorse to manage and track the complete job lifecycle of everything you produce

Sales orders and work tickets
Costing and tracking
Job Planning
Data Collection

Sales Management
• Give real-time details to customers
• Deliver orders on-time and on budget
• Enable your employees to collaborate
• Add Sage CRM to dynamically link processes, info, workflows and communication channels

Human Capital Management
• Pay accurately and on time
• Handle compensation, even direct deposit
• Add Sage HRMS to handle benefits, recruiting, performance, and analytics; it even handles self-service

Business Insight
• Get alerts based on critical KPIs (key performance indicators)
• Handle workflow to manage approvals
• Increase reporting capability with Sage Intelligence
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