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What is QuickBooks?


QuickBooks desktop QuickBooks desktop is application software that simplifies your business, In details, it is kind application software that manages in recordkeeping inventory, payroll, sales and other needs of business and keeps tracking day to day transaction business data from customers and supplier/vendor. That software developed by and managed by Intuit.

Types of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Online Accounting and QuickBooks Desktop 

QuickBooks Online Accounting

QuickBooks online is a complete accounting small business software that managed everything online platform such as sales and purchasing and controlling and simplifying small businesses.


Accounting managed: It allows you to access your complete accounting data as well creating, editing and sharing information with all the employee and stakeholder.

Small business can reduce monthly costs.

Create professional invoices

Track sales and expenses

Manage accounts payable

One- Click sales, tax and expenses reports

Work with any device such as PC Mac Smartphone or Tablets

Connect anywhere anytime with more than hundreds of cloud bases apps

Many other online supports


Limited reporting transparency of your business

Double entry and key errors

Generic and impersonal support

Standalone application lacks integration

File size issues

Robust Inventory management issues

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

QuickBooks Desktop accounting version has been growing at the rapid pace before our very eyes in the technology world. It will help in small business and entrepreneur to simplifying business.


Anytime anywhere access through host

Multiple users at a time

Receives sales and purchase orders

Progress invoicing, custom and excel reporting

Auto calculators of statement charges

Profit and loss by class


Cost is varying per month per user

Transaction, inventory items entries limitations

There is application version limitation such asWindows have Pro, Premier and Enterprise version with multiple limitations

such as Job types, Vendor types, Payment method, Shipping method, payroll items price levels, classes  sales tax codes etc

Mac version has many of list not more than 10,000 maximum numbers of entries

Such as Job types, Vendor types, Payment method, Shipping method, payroll items price levels, classes sales tax codes etc

Product of  QuickBooks desktop:

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Canada

Every product have year wise version such as

Pro 2015, 2016 so on

Premier 2015, 2016 so on

Enterprise 2015, 2016 so on

Country specific  QuickBooks Canada Hosting

Some file Extension used in QuickBooks Desktop 

File Extension   File type

*.QBW             QuickBooks company file

*.QBB               QuickBooks backup file format

*.QBM              QuickBooks portable

*.QBI                QuickBooks image file

*.QBR              QuickBooks Report templates

*.DES              Layout designer template export file

*.QBO             QuickBooks online bank statement

*.INI                Initialization file

*.LGB             Little Garden Box

*.QWC            QuickBooks Web connector

*.QBP             QuickBooks Print file

*.WPR.INI     Windows print file

QuickBooks POS (Point of sale):  Its support online and desktop too, You can say that it is an online cash register, It provides real-time data to track your sales of your business.

Windows users: QuickBooks Desktop have Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

Mac features


Everything you need in one spot, Get paid faster and Anytime, anywhere access


Create invoices and track sales, Bill for your time and expense and Built for your Mac computer

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Because it is the small business accounting application software that simplified yours for accounting and bookkeeping of your business/firm. And it is cloud based hosted. It has the best Feature such as Payment processing, time tracking, payroll, payment processing, pos, inventory management, best technical support by QuickBooks provider with a phone, email and live chat support.

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