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Microsoft’s Anniversary Pack for Windows 10 – RDP Bug

microsoft anniversary pack windows 10

We have been informed of a bug for those of our customers who have implemented Microsoft’s Anniversary pack for Windows 10. In some instances it seems to cause the RDP to fail, thereby creating a problem when connecting to our servers. Until this bug is resolved we’ve put together a workaround for those experiencing problems. (Microsoft anniversary pack windows 10)

First, contact Cloudvara support and request to revert to a point before the Anniversary pack install. 

Then you need to disable Windows automatic updates so the suspect patch does not get installed. However, on Windows 10 there is not a simple command to do this. Follow the instructions below to prevent updates from being installed automatically and upon startup.  

1) Open the run command

2) Enter services.msc 

3) Locate ‘Windows Update’ 

4) Right click ‘Windows Update’ 

5) Select ‘Stop’ 

6) Right click ‘Windows Update’ again

7) Select ‘Properties’ 

8) Select ‘Startup Type’ and disable it