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The Infallible Structure of Managed Hosting

As your business grows, so does the amount of resources needed to keep the parts in sync. A major source of connectivity for most businesses is the “Cloud” infrastructure. If this fails, then connectivity is lost and productivity is nonexistent. So, as you place and invest more of your assets in the “Cloud,” there are some basic questions you need to be asking:

1. How can I depend on the “Cloud”?

-The “Cloud” is no different from any on-site storage medium, all the data is stored in the exact same way. The biggest obstacle with either is confronting technical issues, should they arise. Since technology isn’t perfect and since operating systems have their flaws, it is critical to have a reliable support system. Managed hosting is that support system.

2. How should I anticipate scalability within my infrastructure?

-You are the architect of your business’s infrastructure so it’s imperative to maintain control over the moving parts, especially when more are being added/subtracted into the mix. Working closely with a managed hosting provider can ensure that you are building an adaptable environment and preventing any unnecessary interruptions when scaling up or down.

3. Are all Hosting Providers created equal?

-While all hosting providers aim to help businesses get operationally online, it’s important to find a provider that works best for your business. Most businesses, however, will be looking at the integrity of the provider and making certain that a qualified, reliable, support team is in place.

Taking your work online, via virtual computing and managed servers, is an empowering step for any business. It can be the essence of technology and business. Taking the time to speak with managed hosting providers and discussing your needs and goals is an important first step.