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The Ultimate Guide To Hosting Time Matters Software In The Cloud

Struggling to manage your law firm’s operations efficiently? Time Matters software now comes with a cloud-hosting option. This guide will show you the perks of moving to the cloud – think security, accessibility, and more.

Ready for an easier way to work? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Hosting Time Matters in the cloud lets you work from anywhere. You can access your legal files and software as if you were in the office, using any device.
  • Cloud hosting offers better security for your data. Your firm’s information is protected with top-notch security measures, making it safe from threats.
  • Moving to the cloud is cost – effective. It saves money on hardware and IT staff because you pay a monthly fee based on how many people use it.
  • The cloud provides flexibility. You can easily add or remove users and services without big changes to your setup.
  • Uptime Legal Systems is a good choice for hosting Time Matters. They offer secure online space, expert support, and understand legal software needs well.

Overview of Time Matters Software

Hosting Time Matters Software

Time Matters Software is your go-to legal management buddy. You’ve got billing, document management, and a whole slew of practice management features packed into one powerhouse platform.

Think of it as the Swiss Army knife in your law firm’s toolkit—practical, efficient, and ready to tackle just about anything you throw at it. Thanks to PCLaw Time Matters LLC’s bright idea of offering hosted remote access options, law firms can securely tap into their matters, contacts—you name it—from practically anywhere.

Yes, this means no more being chained to your desk; hello flexibility!

Now here’s where things get even spicier: Enter the Authorized Hosting Program. This isn’t just any old hosting service we’re talking about—it’s a promise of top-notch reliability, unbeatable security standards (because let’s face it; nobody wants their sensitive data floating around like confetti), ethics that’d make your grandma proud—and support so solid you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

And for those who crave an extra layer of armor? Uptime Practice has got your back with its secure cloud platform tailored especially for Time Matters enthusiasts seeking that extra peace of mind alongside IT support that feels more like having a tech wizard on speed dial.

Benefits of Hosting Time Matters in the Cloud

So, why move Time Matters to the cloud? Well, imagine being able to work from your favorite coffee shop as easily as from the office and not stressing over lost data or security breaches.

That’s just a taste of what hosting in the cloud offers—more freedom and peace of mind.

Work from Anywhere

Hosting Time Matters in the cloud gives lawyers and their teams a superpower – working from anywhere. Picture sitting in a coffee shop or at your kitchen table, sipping on your favorite drink while accessing all your legal files and software just like you’re at the office.

Thanks to cloud hosting, whether you use Windows or Mac doesn’t matter. Everyone gets the same access and smooth experience.

This setup isn’t just about comfort; it’s about fitting work into your life instead of the other way around. Need to dash out for an appointment? No problem – pick up right where you left off when you get back home.

Cloud technology breaks down walls, making law firms nimble, flexible, and always connected. It’s not magic; it’s smart business in today’s world where mobility means productivity.

Enhanced Data Security & Compliance

Working from anywhere opens up new worlds of flexibility. It also raises questions about keeping all that data safe. This is where Time Matters hosting steps up its game with enhanced data security and compliance.

Cloud service providers pour resources into tight security measures, making sure your legal software and documents are locked down tight. Think of it as a digital Fort Knox for your law firm’s precious info.

Private Cloud platforms, like Uptime Practice, go the extra mile with enterprise-grade infrastructure watched over 24/7. This isn’t just good news; it’s peace of mind in a virtual world where threats never sleep.

Law firms get to breathe easy knowing their client information and vital documents aren’t just floating around out there but are under constant guard by some serious tech muscle.

Greater Reliability, Reduced Downtime

After making sure your data is safe and in line, it’s a smooth transition to talk about how cloud hosting for Time Matters also means more uptime. No one likes it when work comes to a halt because of tech problems.

That’s where the cloud shines—it keeps things running smoothly so you can focus on what matters without worrying about crashes or freezes.

Think Uptime Legal—these folks know their stuff and have been keeping hundreds of law firms across North America clicking away happily with minimal interruptions. They make sure that Time Matters works like a well-oiled machine, cutting down those frustrating moments when technology decides to take a nap.

This way, your firm stays on track, serving clients without missing a beat because hey, time really does matter.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Hosting Time Matters in the cloud means your law firm can easily adjust to changes. You might need more space or new tools as your firm grows. No sweat! Cloud solutions let you add what you need without a big fuss.

Need to cut back? That’s easy too. It’s all about giving you control, so your practice management software keeps pace with your needs—without breaking the bank.

Think of it like play-dough; moldable and ever-changing to fit exactly what your law firm requires at any moment. This flexibility cuts out the headache of traditional IT, where adding just one more user or application could send everyone into a tailspin.

Plus, since everything is on a pay-as-you-go basis, there are no surprises on your bill either. Your team gets access to Time Matters and all its perks from anywhere, anytime—all without needing an IT degree to figure things out.


Hosting Time Matters software in the Cloud saves money. Sure, there’s a one-time cost to set it up and a monthly fee for each person using it. But these costs are easy to see and plan for.

Each user costs between $115 and $159 per month, based on what cloud service you pick and how many people at your firm use it. This setup cuts down on the surprise bills that often pop up with running servers and systems all by yourself.

Think about not having to spend big bucks on buying hardware or paying someone to fix things when they break down. Plus, this cloud approach lets you scale up or down without trouble, matching your firm’s needs as they change over time – all without needing new equipment or extra IT staff.

Understanding Cloud Types for Time Matters

Oh, the cloud – it’s not just a fluffy thing in the sky anymore, especially for Time Matters software. Think of it as choosing your adventure path—each type offers its unique flavor to make your law firm’s life easier and more productive.

Time Matters as a Cloud App

Time Matters now steps into the cloud, making it super easy to use from anywhere. Think about sitting in a café or being miles away on vacation – you can still get work done like you’re at the office.

This setup is perfect for law firms that want to cut down on server costs and make sure everyone can access important stuff without a hitch. With this cloud app, firms no longer worry about losing data or not being able to work if something goes wrong with their computers.

PCLaw Time Matters offers this hosted solution so documents, contacts, and everything needed are just a click away. Cloudvara  jumps in here by providing a secure space online where all your Time Matters data lives safely.

So, whether it’s practice management functions or accessing matters online, everything is smooth and seamless — almost like magic but better because it’s real! Hosting services come with expert support too, just in case any questions pop up along the way.

Private Cloud Hosting for Time Matters

Private Cloud Hosting for Time Matters brings peace of mind with top-notch security and mobility, way better than managing everything in-house. Firms don’t have to stress about data breaches or losing access during crucial moments.

Plus, it’s a money saver! Who would’ve thought you could cut down on costs while boosting security? With a simple setup fee and an easy-to-digest monthly charge per user, law firms get more bang for their buck.

And let’s not forget the cool factor: you can work from anywhere. Fancy doing case work from your couch or cafe? Private cloud makes it happen.

Choosing the right Private Cloud provider isn’t rocket science but requires some homework. It’s all about finding someone who knows Time Matters inside out and is officially recognized to host it.

Prices might vary, with rates floating between $115 to $159 per user each month—worth every penny for staying headache-free and focused on winning cases rather than fixing IT snafus.

Next up? Let’s talk about virtual desktops..

Virtual Desktops for Time Matters

Virtual Desktops turn your legal software dreams into reality. Imagine using Time Matters from any gadget, anywhere—sounds cool, right? This magic happens because a Virtual Desktop lets you access all your favorite law tools and productivity apps without being tied to just one device.

With Windows and Mac playing nice together in the cloud, it’s like throwing a party where everyone’s invited—no compatibility issues here!

Next up is figuring out how to move Time Matters into its new cloud home. It’s a journey worth taking for the flexibility and freedom it offers your firm!

How to Migrate Time Matters to the Cloud

Migrating Time Matters to the cloud might sound like a big task, but with the right steps, it’s smoother than you’d think – and totally worth a read to get all those juicy details.

Onboarding Project Management

Moving Time Matters to the cloud starts with a good plan. This is where onboarding project management comes in handy. Our team at Uptime Legal has guided hundreds of law firms through this process.

It all kicks off by figuring out what your firm needs and setting up a roadmap to get there. We keep things simple, avoiding tech jargon that might confuse more than help.

Next comes putting the plan into action. Our experts handle all the heavy lifting, from moving your data to making sure everything works as it should in its new cloud home. We’re talking about a smooth transition here — think less “tech headache,” more “moving day excitement.” And guess what? You can reach out to our partners program anytime during this phase for extra support or questions, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about what’s happening with your data and documents.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is all about finding the right cloud partner for your Time Matters software. It’s a key step where you pick a Private Cloud provider that knows what they’re doing.

They should be an authorized Time Matters hosting buddy and should have already done this dance with at least 20 law firms. Think of it as matchmaking for your software – you want someone who gets it, right? Uptime Legal is one example—they’ve got the moves, hosting Time Matters and other legal stuff for loads of firms across North America.

Build Process

Crafting the perfect cloud home for Time Matters isn’t a walk in the park. It needs special setup and deep knowledge about how this software ticks. Our team rolls up their sleeves to configure everything just right, fitting your firm’s unique needs like a glove.

Think of it as custom-building your legal tech fortress in the sky – secure, swift, and smarter than ever.

Moving Time Matters into its new cloud pad involves more than just heavy lifting. Uptime Practice steps in with enterprise-grade infrastructure and 24/7 management, ensuring smooth sailing from day one.

No servers lying around means less clutter and more room to grow your practice on-the-go or from anywhere you fancy – all without losing a wink of sleep over downtime or security woes.

Go-live Phase

After the build process wraps up, it’s time to shift gears and hit the “go-live” phase. This is where all the preparation pays off. Time Matters gets set loose in the cloud, ready for action.

Your firm now steps into a space where accessing your legal documents and managing workflows from anywhere becomes real. Think of this moment as flipping the switch; suddenly, Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, and other key applications link seamlessly with Time Matters through cloud computing.

This stage isn’t just about getting things running—it’s also making sure they run smoothly right out of the gate. Uptime Legal steps up here, offering top-notch support to tackle any tech hiccups head-on.

So, if something doesn’t work as expected or you need help navigating your new cloud-based setup, help is just a call away. With this level of backup, worries about glitches or interruptions take a backseat—allowing your team to focus on what they do best without missing a beat.

Training and Ongoing Support

Migrating to the cloud can seem like a big step for your law firm. That’s why training and ongoing support are key parts of the process. Uptime Practice makes sure your team knows how to use Time Matters in the cloud, so you can get back to work fast.

They offer unlimited support for all your technology needs, helping with everything from day-to-day questions to big IT challenges.

Need help? Just reach out. With Uptime Legal’s best support on your side, you’re never alone in making sure Time Matters works smoothly for your entire firm. This means less worry about tech stuff and more time focusing on what matters most – serving your clients and growing your business.

Cost Analysis of Hosting Time Matters in the Cloud

Figuring out the cost of hosting Time Matters in the cloud might just make your wallet breathe a sigh of relief. Want to know how? Keep reading and we’ll spill the beans!

Understanding On-Premise IT Costs

Running Time Matters on your own servers can eat up a lot of cash. You’re not just buying the machines; there’s also the electric bills to keep them humming, and don’t forget about the air conditioning to stop them from melting down.

Plus, you need people to look after everything. That’s right – IT staff don’t work for free! So we’re talking big bucks here, folks.

Then, when something breaks or it’s time to upgrade? Yep, you guessed it: more spending. And with technology moving so fast these days, that happens a lot more than you’d think.

So really, sticking with on-premise might seem like the safe choice at first glance but ends up being quite the money pit over time.

Calculating Ongoing Costs

So, you’ve taken the leap—or you’re seriously considering it—switching your practice over to the cloud. Wise choice! Time Matters software in the cloud? Even wiser. But now comes the part where we talk numbers, specifically the ongoing costs associated with this move. Fasten your seatbelts, friends; it’s time to break down those figures, but I promise to keep it as pain-free as possible.

Given the shift to a monthly billing model when hosting Time Matters in the cloud, calculating ongoing costs becomes crucial for budgeting and financial forecasting. The cost typically ranges from $115 to $159 per user per month, but let’s get a tad more detailed, shall we?

Cost Component Description Approximate Cost (Per User/Month)
Hosting Fee The basic cost for cloud services $115 – $159
Additional Tech Needs Varies based on specific requirements like storage and applications Variable
Annual Maintenance For updates and support Included in monthly fee or separate, depending on provider
Training Optional but recommended for maximizing software use Cost varies


Phew! Now, that doesn’t look too bad, right? The beauty of this setup is its predictability. No more surprises when it comes to upgrading hardware or dealing with sudden software issues. Plus, with providers like Uptime Legal bringing their A-game in offering cloud services specifically tailored for legal software like Time Matters, it’s a bit like having your own IT department on standby—without the hefty payroll.

Keep in mind, the true value comes not just from the numbers but also from the benefits: working from anywhere, beefed-up data security, and the sweet, sweet promise of reduced downtime. And who can put a price on peace of mind?

Reviewing the Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan

Checking out the Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan helps customers keep their cloud hosting game strong. This plan is like a safety net for your software, making sure it runs smooth and steady without any hiccups.

It covers all the tech support you’ll need, so if something goes wonky, help is just a call away. The best part? It’s made to fit law firms of all sizes, whether you’re flying solo or running with a big team.

Costs can vary depending on how many people are using it and what other tech goodies you’ve got in the mix. Usually, firms shell out between $115 to $159 per user every month. Not too shabby when you think about ditching those pesky servers and jumping into a hassle-free cloud setup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Matters in the Cloud

People often ask if they can access Time Matters from anywhere with cloud hosting. The answer is yes! You just need a good internet connection, and you’re all set to work from any spot.

This means no more being stuck in the office when you’d rather be sipping coffee at your favorite café while tackling legal documents.

Another hot question is about safety. Is my data safe in the cloud? Absolutely. With enhanced security measures and compliance standards, your valuable law firm data stays protected against unwanted eyes.

Think of it like a digital Fort Knox for your documents and client information – only much easier to access (when you’re supposed to, of course).


So, you’re thinking about moving Time Matters to the cloud? Great choice! Look, taking that step means you’re all set for a more flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage your legal practice.

You’ll be joining countless others who’ve found joy in working from anywhere, anytime. And let’s not forget the peace of mind from knowing your data is safe and sound. Ready to make the switch? Your law firm will thank you – and so will your clients.

It’s time to get in touch with the pros and see just how easy it can be!


1. What’s the big deal about moving Time Matters to the cloud in 2024?

Well, think of it as giving your law firm software a superpower! By hosting Time Matters in the cloud, you’re saying goodbye to clunky servers and hello to accessing your legal documents and data from anywhere – yes, even that cozy coffee shop down the street. Plus, with everything stored safely online (we’re talking top-notch cloud storage here), you can work on multiple devices without a hitch. It’s like having your office in your pocket!

2. “But wait,” you ask, “how hard is it to move my Time Matters into this fancy cloud-based application?”

I hear ya! The thought of migration might seem daunting – like trying to herd cats. But fear not! We’ll provide all the guidance you need to make this transition smoother than a well-oiled printer. And guess what? You don’t have to be a tech wizard; if you’ve managed to operate a scanner or play around with Microsoft Office, you’re more than capable.

3. Can I really access all my stuff from anywhere?

Absolutely! Once Time Matters is floating happily in the cloud (cloud-based legal magic at its finest), all your important files are just a click away – whether you’re on your browser at home or tapping away on your tablet at court. Imagine pulling up documents or checking billable hours while sipping espresso… Ahh, efficiency meets relaxation.

4. How does this whole cloud thing affect my bottom line?

Moving Time Matters into the cloud can actually save money over time by eliminating servers and reducing cost of ownership for document management software.. Think less hardware maintenance headaches and more happy-dance moments when looking at finances.

5. Will I get any support during this transition? Because let’s face it—I’m gonna need some help!

Of course! Our team offers technical support that’s as responsive as an eager puppy waiting for treats., We’re always ready to troubleshoot issues,, provide demos,, or simply chat if things feel overwhelming,. Consider us your friendly neighborhood Cloud Guides—always here when you need us.

6. Is it easy-to-use once everything’s set up? Or will I need an advanced degree in rocket science?

No rocket science required—promise!, Once we’ve got Time Matters nestled comfortably in its new cloud home,, using it is straightforward., With an interface that’s intuitive enough for anyone who’s mastered Adobe Acrobat or wrangled with an SQL database,, managing legal applications becomes much more efficient,. And hey,, who doesn’t love making life easier?