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Azure: The Paragon of Cloud Ease?

Azure Workgroup Server

Being a reputable cloud vendor and hosting firm, we are in constant search of cloud technology solutions that enable us to deliver the highest quality cloud infrastructures at the lowest possible price point. Of the popular “out of the box” solutions offered by the tech giants (Amazon, IBM, Google etc), Microsoft’s Azure caught our attention immediately because of its myriad hardware and software configuration options and no-nonsense pricing. One particular advantage is the quick and reliable deployment of our virtual Windows server where we can host any number of applications for any number of users, thus creating a “workgroup environment.”

Azure Application Hosting

Practical Application Hosting

Microsoft’s Azure technology offers individuals and businesses a uniquely practical cloud solution for application hosting. Accounting firms, CPA’s, law firms, financial managers, small businesses utilizing desktop versions of mission critical applications can achieve a workgroup server solution as a viable alternative to SaaS offerings, which are often limited in features and expensive. As a dedicated server platform, Azure boasts an impressive feature set and a highly customizable hardware configuration – anything is possible.

The Management Aspect & IaaS

As with any cloud solution, the main thing to consider is the management aspect. Despite being an somewhat intuitive prosumer product, you have to consider that cloud architecture involves the deployment and maintenance of operating systems, network protocols, databases, security etc. Small businesses often don’t have time to fuss with configuring new users and files, which is why there exists IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) i.e. a fully managed Cloud.

Azure is a great way to get all of your applications up in the Cloud – desktop versions of QuickBooks, ProSeries, Office 365, Sage, ProLaw, Abacus, Drake, Lacerte, etc. are all examples of what is possible.

Learn more about our Azure Cloud Management services here.