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Abacus Law Cloud Hosting

Abacus law cloud hostingAbacus Law cloud hosting is a private cloud that simplifies, organized, and controls your legal management practice. It puts important legal business data, and significant applications into the private virtual workplace that, accesses anywhere, anytime including any smartphone. It minimizes your extra cost of IT management and maximizes your legal business performance. Over 250,000 legal professionals or advocates and, the attorney general is using this software globally.    Abacus law cloud hosting helps them to future-proof their comprehensive legal practice.

Features of Abacus Law Cloud Hosting

Complete mobile access:  Accessibly with android, iOS, blackberry and windows

Centralized E- mail storage: Track all email with every individual staff.

Track billable hours: Bill management, automated send on schedule time to the client with updated.

Legal calendaring: Deadline meter, client meeting, centralized rule-based add, edit, and view by anyone in the office.

Matter/contact management: Every detail on your fingertips. It is a legal software which, provides full backups of data and, security. The validation is enhancing the security and, maximizes the efficiency of privacy cloud.

Court Management: It provides a complete advance court administration services.

Case Management: It improves the performance of your legal firm.

Docket Management: Provides you all scheduling data with a flexibility.

Benefits of Abacus Law Cloud Hosting

No need of IT management

Access any device from anytime anywhere

No capital Investment: You can start your business in low budget.

Private ownership of data: Ownership shows power as well as control. The control of information means the create, modify, package, derive benefit from, sell or remove data.

Accessibility and scalability: It is providing an easy access and scale your legal practice.

Remote access 24/7 via the internet: Anytime, anywhere, availability is provided.

Automated updated your software: No need to update the software, it is automatically updated.

Highly secured and safety of private data: Gives a high security and integrity. Its provide a full spectrum security, data security, network security and information security.

High-quality legal services: You can deliver high-quality legal services to your potential client.

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