Cloudvara Featured Provider in Accounting Today

Read full article here. Loyalty wins Product: Cloudvara Firm: Daily Balance Staff users: 6 Start date: 2012 Cost: $49 per user per month, with volume, pre-payment and nonprofit discounts On the record: President Sydney Highley Selection: Syd Highley was an early adopter of the concept of hosting accounting software on offsite servers. He had a professional relationship with the founder and president… Read more »

Azure: The Paragon of Cloud Ease?

Azure Workgroup Server Being a reputable cloud vendor and hosting firm, we are in constant search of cloud technology solutions that enable us to deliver the highest quality cloud infrastructures at the lowest possible price point. Of the popular “out of the box” solutions offered by the tech giants (Amazon, IBM, Google etc), Microsoft’s Azure… Read more »

QuickBooks Hosting for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are often hindered by limitations of IT resources, often relying on workaround solutions like Team Viewer to collaborate on QuickBooks files. While some of these “workaround solutions” may work, they don’t work well, and regularly cause interruptions and headaches. With productivity and reliability being of critical importance with accounting tasks, non-profit accountants should… Read more »

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Acronyms

If you’re like me you are probably getting lost with the plethora of acronyms floating in the Cloud market space. Examples include DaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoT and others. I will attempt at this point to describe their “common denominators” and provide some clarity on the existing realities and also the future realities we can expect… Read more »

Cloudvara 2017 CPA Practice Advisor Review

      “Cloudvara specializes in QuickBooks hosting, it also offers legal, accounting, and tax software hosting as well. Cloudvara offers QuickBooks and other application hosting to businesses world-wide. The company currently guarantees a 99.5 % uptime, with company servers located in a major data center in the U.S. The product offers state of the… Read more »

Sage 300 Accounting Software

                  Sage 300 Accounting Software is the complete business management solution/software that is widely used for small-medium businesses with robust features for your business and manages multiple, location, currency, languages such as finance, Marketing and Sales Service, Operation, Inventory and more. And you can see your business in… Read more »

Sage 100C Accounting Software

Sage 100C is accounting software for small and medium size firms or businesses. It was formally known as Peachtree, offers best accounting software and business management software in desktop and online version with various features with a cloud-enabled solution especially for small business, medium business. Sage 100C accounting software is highly customized and robust that… Read more »